How to Return or Repair a Calgaz Regulator?

Some common questions:

  • Do you need to return your Calgaz regulator due to functional issues or problems?
  • Is your Calgaz regulator performing out of specification?

When was my regulator produced?:

In general, our regulators have a useful life of two (2) years starting from the date code stamped on the regulator body (2 digit letter code ).  These correspond as follows:


If the regulator is less than two (2) years from manufactured date, a Return Authorization (RA) can be issued for return of the regulator and it will be evaluated and repaired at no charge.

If the regulator is greater than two (2) years from manufactured date, and you would like for the regulator to be evaluated and repaired, we will issue an RA once the regulator is returned, evaluated and determined if it is repairable.  We will advise you of the results and if you choose to repair it, there is a $50 repair charge and the regulator will have a 30 day warranty from repair.


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