How do I dispose a Calgaz cylinder?

Calgaz steel and aluminum cylinders can be disposed of or recycled in accordance with local, State, Federal and/or National laws once they are properly emptied.

Calgaz patented Recycle Tool Kits can be used to safely decommission empty cylinders, making them easier and safer to discard.


Contact Calgaz Customer Service if there are any questions about these instructions.
1-800-638-1197 (available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EDT)

1. Always wear safety glasses when using these tools.
2. Perform this operation in a well ventilated area.
3. Always refer to the appropriate SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for comprehensive information
about a mixture for proper use and safe handling in the workplace.
4. Always refer to your local, State, Federal and/or National laws for proper disposal of the
empty cylinder .

Read the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) if you are not sure about the properties of the gas mixture.
1. Cylinders must be EMPTY. Full cylinders must be safely relieved of pressure by use of
a regulator.
2. Flammable gas mixtures must be emptied away from all possible sources of ignition.
3. Hold cylinder with valve away from face. Use caution when working with calibration
cylinders. If you are unfamiliar with their use, contact someone who is knowledgeable.
4. Vent contents outdoors or under a properly rated lab hood.
5. Always wear safety glasses and proceed slowly when working with the cylinders.
6. Emptied cylinder may now be disposed of or recycled in accordance with local, State,
Federal and/National laws.

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